PTA Bylaws & Minutes

BMES PTA Bylaws:


PTA minutes

Draft minutes will be posted within one week of the PTA meeting and made final once approved at the following PTA meeting.

2018-19 school year PTA minutes:

PTA Meeting Minutes_2018_October_2 (approved on December 4, 2018))

PTA Meeting Minutes_2018_December_4 (approved on February 5, 2019)

PTA Meeting Minutes_2019_February_5 (approved on March 5, 2019)

PTA Meeting Minutes_2019_March_5 (draft, to be approved May 7, 2019)


2017-18 school year PTA minutes:

PTA Meeting minutes_2017_October 10

PTA Meeting minutes_2017_December 12

PTA Meeting Minutes_2017_February_13

April meeting minutes

PTA Meeting minutes_2018_June_5