Treasurer corner

Welcome to the Treasurer’s corner!

The PTA budget will be presented and approved at our first PTA meeting, October 2, 2018. If you have any questions regarding the PTA budget please contact Treasurer, Keishana Myrie Smith.


Mini Grants for BMES Teachers & Staff:

The BMES PTA welcomes applications from BMES teachers and staff  for mini grants to augment the quality of education and school leaning environment for our students. A newly revised form is coming soon!

Field Trip Assistance:

Field Trip Assistance is also available upon submission and approval of an application. PTA is able to award $200/grade level to support field trips. A newly revised application form is coming soon!

Contact PTA Vice President, Smitha Mortis, with questions regarding mini grants and field trip assistance. Applications will be reviewed and approved by the PTA Executive Officers.