One of the most important functions of the PTA is to advocate for our students, teachers and school.

Check in often for upcoming advocacy issues that need your support.

1. Public Comment Sought on Early Childhood and Elementary Education Policy 

On December 5, 2017, the Montgomery County Board of Education tentatively approved revisions to Board Policy IEA, Framework and Structure of Early Childhood and Elementary Education. The revised policy includes concepts and language that reflect the current priorities of Board Policy IEF, Early Childhood Education, which will be rescinded upon adoption of revised Board Policy IEA. The proposed amendments to Board Policy IEA affirm the Board’s commitment to promoting the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth and development of children in their early learning years through high quality, developmentally appropriate, challenging, and comprehensive early childhood and elementary programs. The revised policy updates language to highlight Montgomery County Public Schools’ (MCPS) commitment to vertical integration of the curriculum, allowing each student to attain key educational and developmental milestones in each successive grade as they progress from elementary grades to middle and high school, then a lifetime of academic and personal achievements. This approach allows for the natural variability in the pace of development from child to child in the prekindergarten (pre-K) and elementary years.

The draft of tentatively approved Board Policy IEA is available for public comment until Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

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2. Transportation for Spanish Immersion Program students

Many thanks for your support and letting your voices be heard about our need for bus transportation for the Spanish Immersion students living outside of the Burnt Mills school zone for school year 2018-19. 
Bus transportation will be offered for school year 2018-19. Proposed routes can be found at MCPS Department of Transportation website or BMES_RT_Page_proposed_bus_routes.
Please send any transportation related questions or concerns to Mr. Michael K. Lewis, projects manager,
Office of the Chief Operating Officer, or Ms. Linda Freese, senior transportation routing specialist,
Transportation Support Services Unit.